So you want to Sell your Home...



"Your home is the center of everything in your life, especially in the midst of a pandemic! It's often your biggest asset and your very own corner of the world. It makes sense that you would want local insight, the best price, and a guarantee of a transparent, stress-free process when selling right? I make sure that my clients have the best experience selling their home by offering expert market insight and negotiation skills, savings on listing fees, and exemplary, personal, efficient service."


- Alle "Rose" Mero 

Licensed Broker in Oregon with Realty First  


A Virtual Brokerage

Realty First is a virtual brokerage that provides tools to ensure a smooth, stress-free sale. 

Wooden Furnitures

Less is More

Our virtual model reduces overhead and allows me to pass my savings on to you. 


Work with Locals 

Alle Rose is a Willamette Valley native who partners with local businesses and non-profits.